One Bag Nation

Today, for example . . . a tale of procrastination

Posted on: March 12, 2008

Last month sometime I enthusiastically dove into clearing out one of our bookcases and filled two large bags with books we no longer want. (This was very hard for me). But I soldiered on and was thrilled to find a used bookstore that would pay cold, hard cash for books they took, and so I eagerly put the bags of books into my car, just ready to be taken to the bookstore.

Today, finally, several weeks later, I drove up to the bookstore, found a parking space, hauled the two bags of books up to the door . . . and they were closed for remodelling!!

I wanted to scream.

The books are now safely back in my car, patiently waiting for the day when they’ll find their new home.


1 Response to "Today, for example . . . a tale of procrastination"

Finally got the books there and made $33. I had the option of $95 in credit, but took the money and ran; otherwise I would have left with books to replace the ones I had just sold!

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