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Down the Rabbit Hole OR Help! I’m stuck in the Web!

Posted on: March 21, 2008

Surfing the net is the best procrastination tool I’ve ever encountered. It starts with checking email (gotta do that frequently, right??) and before I know it, 30 minutes (minimum) have gone by and I’m on a website called Poodle Planning Party.

I have no idea how I wasted time before (probably reading magazines) but now I know for sure. The internet is perfect for people like me who are hugely curious and have trouble with focusing and staying on task – a deadly combination. I can “click around” for hours and never get bored. Sometimes my time on the internet is productive; I work for an online retail company and it’s important to know who’s doing what out there. I’ve thought that maybe I should find a full-time gig as an internet researcher and get paid to indulge my habit.

Julie Morgenstern, the professional organizer, has written a book entitled Never Check Email in the Morning, so I imagine I’m not alone . . . . and I know that kicking my internet habit is key to becoming more productive.

How do you tear yourself away from the computer???


2 Responses to "Down the Rabbit Hole OR Help! I’m stuck in the Web!"


I just found your blog (through a comment on another blog) and I feel utter kinship! Your descriptions of your struggles are exactly what I go through and am trying to work on. I like that you describe us as “curious” because that’s a positive trait. I would generally tend to consider myself just distracted and unfocused based on my internet surfing, but “curious” is a better word for it. I too have thought that internet-based research would be a great job for me.

Good luck. I will keep reading and continue to get inspiration from you.
– Sonora

Hi Sonora – and welcome! I love meeting kindred spirits!

Curious definitely sounds better than “unfocused” and “distracted”.

I just ordered a book called “Refuse to Choose” (I think that’s right) about people who have lots of interests and talents – yes, we have lots of talents! I’ll have to post about it after I read it.

Thanks so much for sharing your struggles!

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