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My Big Rocks

Posted on: April 4, 2008

I loved the anecdote in Stephen Covey’s First Things First about the time management seminar and putting the “big rocks” in the jar first. In Covey-speak, the “big rocks” are your Quadrant Two goals, the important but not urgent goals that are in line with your values and personal mission statement.

When I embarked on my quest to get organized, I thought long and hard about what my priorities really were, and I’ve finally settled on three, along with the daily action steps required to achieve them: 1) financial security for my family (work diligently every day); 2) find a new, more rewarding job (make one contact every day); and 3) achieve order and serenity (work on decluttering every day).

I’m trying to implement ideas from Neil Fiore’s The Now Habit to help me move beyond procrastination and get all this done!

What are your Big Rocks?


3 Responses to "My Big Rocks"

The “big rock” that is most important to me is to learn to relax and unwind. I’m not sure I have it in me…. but I am sure trying to learn how to do it.

Hi Vered,
I think that The Now Habit is also helpful for “sanctioning” rest and relaxation. I too am always working or trying to be productive in some way – even if I’m mostly working on the urgent.

Thanks for your comment – it’s my first!

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