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What Works, What Doesn’t: 1

Posted on: April 15, 2008

I’ve had a couple of particularly challenging days, serenity-wise. This usually leads to a lot of self-criticism and panic (I’ll never get it together!) and ultimately leaves me feeling awful.

This morning I decided to start writing about What Works (I’ll save the What Doesn’t for another day). We all have something that runs smoothly in our lives, and today I’m choosing to focus on a small success.

My What Works is my shoe shelf by the front door. Every time we come in, we take off our shoes, put on our slippers and leave our shoes on the shelf (well, at least in the vicinity of the shelf . . . ).

This morning I came in from my walk, and there, just where they’re supposed to be, were my comfy slippers. I put them on and decided there was hope for me after all.

Another small step towards serenity, order and peace of mind.


3 Responses to "What Works, What Doesn’t: 1"

Seems like proven practices and daily habits is something that works. Some you learn on the go, some you learn proactively.

Habits and routines are critical, though sometimes hard to initiate and maintain – for me anyway. I hope that by recognizing those that are working for me already I’ll get inspired to tackle some more.

I like your positive outlook. I agree that it’s good to focus on what works for you and take it from there.

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