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What Works: Alphabetized Spices

Posted on: April 20, 2008

I cook a lot and work for a food company, so I probably have more spices than some home cooks. I put my spices and seasonings in alphabetical order ages ago, which is funny considering how much I struggle with organizing in so many other areas – even the cupboard space directly adjacent to the spice shelf. But the thing about alphabetizing spices is that there are no decisions to make; you just put the little jars in order on the shelf, and there you are!

I have no idea where I bought the shelf where I store the jars, but I found one here if you want to take a look. Mine is plastic, and I’m guessing it cost less than 19.99, but honestly $20 seems a small price to pay for something that has made my life easier for years.


2 Responses to "What Works: Alphabetized Spices"

I like this. Although I certainly don’t have as many spices as you.

I have a friend who arranges her books and CDs in alphabetical order. What do you think about that?

I think it makes perfect sense for CDs because those spines can be hard to read. I’m not sure I need to go as far as alphabetizing my books though . . . maybe just arranging them by size would bring serenity 🙂

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