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A Different Take on the Quest for Serenity

Posted on: April 23, 2008

Each week I read Friday Focus from Carrie & Danielle, two super-cool women from Vancouver, BC, who have just published their book, entitled Style Statement, Live by Your Own Design.

I heard them speak a couple of years ago at a Ladies Who Launch event and they swept us off our feet. They’re smart, savvy, charismatic, creative, confident — and they’re having the time of their lives! I want to be them.

Well, of course I can’t be them, so I have to settle for soaking up their ideas and inspiration. The April 18 edition of Friday Focus was entitled “Creatively Devoted” and here is the meat of their message:

Creativity must prevail. Creativity is our core devotion.
And true devotion refuses to be impeded by preferences.

If you need to get the dishes done, tidy up, or have tranquility before your ideas can flow, your creative genius may be a bit insulted. (And insulted guests are reluctant to keep coming ’round.)

Devotion, be it to a person, a business plan, or your life’s calling, is a mighty force. It’s bigger than foibles, chaos, and complaints. So be ruthlessly devoted. Hunker down. Give what’s really important your ultimate reverence. The messiness won’t disappear, but it will matter less as you get where you want to go.

Hmmm . . . am I insulting my creative genius by trying to dig out of clutter? Is my devotion to “what’s really important” so shallow that I abandon it in favor of organizing cupboards and closets? What if it turns out that my creative genius is unleashed and empowered by those activities? What if my life’s calling is to blog about my quest for serenity and order?

Perhaps instead of striving for order, I should be striving for the ability to turn a blind eye to the clutter and the undone To Do’s and allow my creativity to prevail . . . hmmm.


5 Responses to "A Different Take on the Quest for Serenity"

It’s an interesting thought, but really, study after study show that clutter and mess affect people negatively. I think it’s quite alright to strive for order.

My guess is that Carrie & Danielle don’t live with the kind of clutter I’m battling – or at least that’s what I imagine. They also advocate surrounding yourself with beautiful things that make you happy, and I’m quite sure that doesn’t include piles and post-its everywhere . . .

It’s really a question of priority. If you have 1 hour of free time. Which is more important, the tidy closet, or the art?

The best answer may be: whichever one you were planning on getting done that day.

I think maybe they were espousing not being enslaved by a compulsive need for tidiness?

(BTW, found your blog via a comment on Unclutterer. Cheers!)

Hi Lionel,
Thanks for your comment.

I think I’m always struggling to assess my priorities, and what I’ve been finding lately is that I’m seriously out of balance. While I really do want to have orderly surroundings and a handle on the clutter, I also need space for creativity and relaxation.

You know what, we DO live with a lot of clutter here in the studio. But I totally dig that we give the impression of serenity and order.
Have a great weekend.
Communications Manager
Carrie & Danielle, Inc.

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