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My New Inbox

Posted on: April 28, 2008

Several months ago, while trying to work the David Allen Getting Things Done system, I put a large wire basket on my desk, and used it to “capture” my “open loops” (aka things to do, in Allen-speak). Then I set aside one morning a week to go through it all. What I liked about the system was that if I stuck to my routine of emptying the basket, I didn’t have to worry about unpaid bills, correspondence, etc. because I knew I’d get to everything eventually.

Then I discovered Inspired Home Office, and realized that staring at the stuff in my inbox was making me anxious – and it was just plain ugly to look at, right in the middle of my work space.

I replaced the wire basket with the pretty canvas basket in the photo and what an improvement! The colors are cheerful, the basket has plenty of room, and I’m not distracted by whatever is in there. Now when Thursday morning rolls around, I’ll sit down with my coffee and go through the basket, paying bills, filing, putting things in my Tickler, making appointments, etc.

And in case you’re wondering – and I would be! – that horrible pile of stuff in the other photo belongs to my dear husband, and my original wire basket is sitting on the floor in my office, full of who-knows-what . . . sigh. Time to process and find out.


5 Responses to "My New Inbox"

I like it. Efficient AND pleasing to the eye.
Great idea!

Thanks Vered. I have Jennifer at Inspired Home Office to thank for the revelation!

Hi! Thanks so much for the mention – and I’m so glad that it helped! I love to transition you’ve made from “horrible” to cute – especially since it works so well for you!

I know a lot of people who would put things in that basket and they’d never get seen again. 🙂 But your Thursday morning process sounds like a winner for you. So cool.

Thanks for sharing – and showing! 🙂 – Jennifer

Much more pleasant than bare wire !

Hi! I saw your comment regarding this project
and I am wondering if the box in your post is the result.

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