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Organizing Oatmeal

Posted on: April 29, 2008

I eat oatmeal almost every morning*. I’ve boiled it over many, many times – the result of multi-tasking, of course. You can’t cook oatmeal, read email, pack lunches, and make coffee all at the same time – I tried!

Mornings are hard for many of us, especially if we have to get kids out the door. After I learned that multi-tasking was not the answer, I came up with an effective way to be more efficient, and one that doesn’t lead to kitchen fires.

So . . . I put my oatmeal in a large canister and put the measuring cups in with the oatmeal – no more digging around for those. Then I put all the oatmeal “condiments” together in one bin, stored in the same cupboard with the oatmeal canister. In our house condiments are brown sugar, nuts, raisins or other dried fruit, and . . . cocoa powder (mixed with a little sugar).

I still have lots of work to do to get my kitchen in good shape, but this is one small improvement that is taking me further on my journey to order, serenity and peace of mind.

*I can’t resist making a plug for the CORE program at Weight Watchers; you can follow it online or at meetings, and of all the plans I’ve followed – including other WW programs – it makes the most sense to me.


4 Responses to "Organizing Oatmeal"

Hey there!

I also highly recommend CORE weight watchers plan – lost 30 pounds last year and it is the only plan that has ever worked so well for me.

Oatmeal! Here’s what I do and it will save you from boiled over pots. This is either direct from or adapted Weight Watchers site. (cant recall, not going to look it up to cite right now!)

1 cup STEEL CUT oats
4 cups water (or what ever combo of skim milk and water to make 4 cups)
I usually do not add in dried fruit because not on CORE but when I do it does make it sweeter. What works real well for sweetness is a banana ( after it is cooked). I have added nuts though – cant remember if those are core but if I did I counted points.

SLOW COOKER over night! This gives you enough for several days of oatmeal, put leftover from the first morning in the fridge, and microwave your serving for the next mornings until you run out. Only thing you have to wash is the crock from the slow cooker. I have a little cheap one (free premium, office supply place) and it works fine.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Did I mention I lost 30 pounds? ha. ALSO – I have been adding the Omega-3 oil, some lecithin, and some nutritional yeast to the mix, helps me focus. Gives you the B vitamins you may need. If you are struggling with focus ( a need to declutter is a clue!) then take the Omega 3! (I have clutter also it is a challenge!)

Love the blog, peace and love,

Hi Biscuitx!
Isn’t CORE amazing? and congrats on the 30 lbs – that is wonderful. I hadn’t heard about Omega-3 and focus, but I’ll give it a try.

Thanks for the crockpot recipe. I’ve tried that a few times, and the oatmeal always overcooks, leaving most of it stuck to the sides – frustrating. Perhaps my crockpot runs a little hot.

Thanks for visiting – glad you like the blog!

I love the CORE program. It’s so simple to maintain.
I also love the oatmeal plan. I already have the measuring cups in place, but I love your idea about the bin. I’m actually thinking of using my sugar-and-creamer set. It never gets used, but would be perfect for my oatmeal extras.

Hi Sarah:
I’ve tried many many weight loss plans and Core has been the best. I’ve learned a lot about my trigger foods and I cook quite differently now.

Thanks for visiting – good luck with the oatmeal organizing!

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