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The Pleasure of Procrastination

Posted on: April 30, 2008

This phrase came to me as I was commenting on a post over at

Dustin Wax was writing about the psychology of procrastination, and the paradox that despite the guilt, stress and worry that procrastination brings, it still feels better – in the moment at least – than doing something we don’t want to do.

I think this is true of all compulsive or addictive behavior: the desire for immediate pleasure wins out over the delayed pain. Whether we’re eating an extra piece of pie, drinking another glass of wine, hitting the snooze alarm, or putting the unfiled tax return in the “tomorrow” pile, the result is the same; we’re temporarily soothed, just to have the pie hit us in the face.

If you struggle with chronic procrastination (as I do), take a look at Dustin’s post and see if there’s some wisdom there for you.


2 Responses to "The Pleasure of Procrastination"

Thanks, Ann. This is an inspiring thought. I put things off every day – transfer them to tomorrow’s to-do list, and although it relieves me when I do it, it’s not exactly a good way to take care of stuff.

That’s interesting, Vered. I know that you’re not a clutterer, and I think I assumed that people without physical clutter in their lives would have less mind clutter, too – which for me is what all those undone to-do’s become.

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