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What Works, What Doesn’t: Kitchen Clutter

Posted on: May 3, 2008

What Works is the habit of doing all the dishes – every night – no matter how tired I feel. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a messy kitchen. I often use my pot of tea trick to get the dishes done, and I usually discover that it doesn’t really take that long.

What Doesn’t Work is the dishdrainer, which is always piled high with drying dishes, not to mention the overflow onto the adjacent counter – a jumble of rinsed plastic bags, the espresso machine accessories, large pans, etc. that gives me a pang of anxiety every time I look at it.dishdrainer

When I was growing up, we never hand-dried dishes; my mother thought this was unhygienic. This from a woman who now lives surrounded by clutter and junk, but that’s a story for another post.

So I want to eliminate the dishdrainer, or at least eliminate it as a storage container.

I need to get in the habit of getting out a clean, dry dishtowel when I’m finished washing, and dry and put everything away. Tedious, yes – and a small change – but so satisfying to see that space cleared: another step in my quest for order, serenity and peace of mind.


4 Responses to "What Works, What Doesn’t: Kitchen Clutter"

I do agree with you. A little thing such as washing the dishes and putting them away is actually a great step in the right direction.

At some point I use to constantly wake up with a sink full of dishes and to be honest that would just start my day off on the wrong foot.

I have adapted this little change and find it totally awesome.
Contiinue the great work!!!!

Hi Elisbetta,
It is amazing how big an impact a small habit can have.
Thanks for visiting and commenting!

I just found your site through unclutterer. I read through all your old posts and you are inspiring. I think that I would like to join you on your journey as I live in such a messy environment.

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting. I’m inspired – and flattered – to learn that someone thinks I’m inspiring!

More than half the battle for me is managing my anxiety and paralysis; finding tips and tricks to get my act together is the fun part.

Welcome to the quest!

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