One Bag Nation

What Works, What Doesn’t

Posted on: May 5, 2008

Most mornings I get up early to exercise. What Works is to set out my exercise clothes the night before. Every article you read about making exercise a habit talks about this, and now I know why – It works!

Getting organized the night before prevents me from waking my husband by crashing around in the closet, and gets me to the gym that much earlier, so I can pump it up for a few extra minutes before my class starts.

Of course my wonderful bag is right where it should be, ready to go. No more rushing around searching for my keys and wallet.

What Doesn’t Work? Turning on the computer or getting otherwise distracted as I’m getting ready to go. I have to stay focused on getting dressed, feeding the cats, getting my water bottle, brushing my teeth and heading out the door – no more, no less!

For me, exercise is essential to achieving serenity and peace of mind, so I keep my eye on the prize.


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