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Is Getting Organized Really Just About Getting Organized?

Posted on: May 15, 2008

Today I read two posts out in the blogosphere that got me thinking.

One was about productivity at The Growing Life, (more on that in another post); and one was about emerging trends in blogging, posted by Darren at ProBlogger, where I like to hang out with the cool kids.

Listed among the five emerging trends was the growing popularity of “multi-topic” blogs. That was good to hear. Just this week I read posts from two fellow bloggers- Vered at MomGrind and Kelly at mysmallcents – who were questioning their ability – or desire – to stay “on topic”, and I could instantly relate.

Aside from the fact that my blog can’t decide if it’s giving advice or seeking advice, writing One Bag Nation is about much more than organizing socks or spoons . . . it’s about achieving peace of mind, feeling happy and experiencing more joy.

I’ll be the first to admit that my tidy sock drawer is thrilling – really – but what that tidy drawer means is that I’m not spending time frantically searching for socks, all the while lecturing myself on how disorganized I am and how hopeless it all is. That feels terrible; at worst it erodes my self-esteem and at best it makes me just plain cranky.

So . . . . all this to say that I’ve given myself permission for One Bag Nation to be about all the issues that arise when we feel overwhelmed by clutter, to do lists, and the demands on our time; a little bit about how we got here in the first place; and with any luck some useful ideas for moving forward.

Whether you call it getting organized, decluttering, time management, or being more productive, I’d say it’s complicated stuff that goes beyond “neat and tidy” or “getting more done”.

So join me on the cutting edge of trendsetting, multi-topic blogging while we navigate the complex journey to order, serenity and peace of mind – and we might even sort a few socks and spoons along the way!


6 Responses to "Is Getting Organized Really Just About Getting Organized?"

Ann, thanks for the link. I love your blog. It is very readable and I find myself relating to almost every single post you write. I think we can both agree to just write about whatever is on our minds. Anything else, any effort at defining what we do or what we are about, would just be too limiting.

My pleasure, Vered! And thanks for the compliment. I think I’m still finding my “blogvoice” but I’m having a great time figuring it all out!

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have to say, as someone who deals with the organizing… ummm…. obsession as well. There are so many issues that we let ourselves feel guilty about, aren’t there?

And thanks for the link!

Yeah, guilt is a tough one, especially for working moms, don’t you think?

I guess I’m obsessed with getting organized, but you’d think my house would look a lot better! It will, it will!

Go multi-topic! I do! I keep the major topic (wonderful food) but there is so much more in my life too, PLUS I don’t want to have to manage more than one blog. So I have several little themes that run through it.

Hello VegeYum, I enjoy your blog! I found you because I occasionally blog about food too (

Hope you enjoyed the garbanzos with smoked paprika!

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