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I Met a Real Live Professional Organizer

Posted on: May 20, 2008

I recently met with Laura Leist, author of Eliminate Chaos. Laura’s office is in her home, and I was dying of curiosity to see how an expert organizer lives and works.

Her home and her office were neat as a pin, but not in a sterile, does-anyone-actually-live-here way. Her desk was tidy, but she had a few piles of paper on it – which she said was making her crazy – so I imagine she keeps it clear most of the time.

All in all it was pretty interesting and made me curious to see the work and home environments of other professional organizers. They spend so much of their time in other people’s spaces but rarely, if ever, reveal theirs. I wonder if they feel pressure to keep everything perfectly perfect . . . then again, keeping it all together comes easily and naturally for them – or so I assume.


6 Responses to "I Met a Real Live Professional Organizer"

I would think that if they feel pressure to keep everything organized, it comes from inside… so yes, pressure, but not necessarily from outside sources.

Yes, you’re probably right. Even I have a hard time concentrating when my desk is a mess, so I try to keep it clear most of the time.

That’s great– Laura is a good friend of mine! Yes, we DO feel pressure as organizers when people come over to our houses. I have learned over the years to let go of some of that. I used to think there was an expectation of perfection for me. But I am much more relaxed now. My message to the world is that perfection is unattainable, and that it’s all about what works for you. I have two teenage sons and there is just no way my house is going to look like a museum!

– Lorie

Lorie – I’m glad you’ve been able to let go; wow, two boys – you’d have to let go! It is probably reassuring to people to see that even your house/office is not “perfect”, but works for you!

Thanks for visiting.

Hi Ann,

When I read your title, I was curious to find out what you discovered when you saw her office.

I like to be organized, but it’s usually unattainable for me on a daily basis. I get to doing too much and before I know it, my desk which was neat and tidy, suddenly looks like an organized mess. (is that an oxymoron? 🙂

BTW: Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It’s always nice to make another cyberspace friend.

Hi Barbara,
My desk – which isn’t all that tidy to begin with most of the time – is always a mess while I’m working. I’m trying to form the habit of clearing it at the end of the day – it’s such a boost the next morning!

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