One Bag Nation

Organize Your Thoughts – or Don’t!

Posted on: May 21, 2008

I have a friend who has this amazing talent for writing in outline form. If she sends me a long email, it will often be written as a formal outline, just like we learned to do in high school.

Even though I tease her about it, I’m so impressed by the way her mind works, and by her ability to get her thoughts down on paper in a coherent “start-to-finish” format.

My mind just doesn’t work that way, so I have to tackle my writing projects differently. I don’t worry about organizing my thoughts, I just start writing – without any concern for chronology, or even coherence. Other times, I’ll take index cards and write one major point or idea on each, and then start shuffling them around, eventually settling on a sequence that makes sense to me.

If you’re not a linear thinker, you don’t have to force yourself to start at the beginning and line everything up right away. Work with your strengths and take a more organic approach – you might just get closer to order, serenity and peace of mind.


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