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Introducing Lost & Found

Posted on: May 28, 2008

It’s inevitable that when we begin to declutter, clear out cupboards and closets, and weed through piles of paper that we’ll find something that has been missing for a while. It’s like a treasure hunt.

I decided to keep track of the things that were lost – and then found – as a result of my organizing efforts.

My best find so far – and by far – was the birthday check sent to my daughter last September. Who knows what else lurks in deep, dark corners of clutter around here?

I’ll continue to post to my Lost & Found page as I find things, and I invite you to share your stories about long-lost possessions that have been returned to you as a result of your decluttering.


4 Responses to "Introducing Lost & Found"

Wow. A check. What a great find. 🙂

A very small check, but it was important to my aunt and I felt terrible when I lost it!

I think these finds are my favourite thing about decluttering so far. Not only are they delightful little surprises, they’re really making me notice how much the important/special things in my life get buried by the trivial/little things, both literally and figuratively.

Marianne, that’s a great observation. I think that idea is a principle of feng shui – out with the stuff that suffocates us, in with the stuff (and I assume not physical stuff) that gives us energy and joy.

I just read your recent posts; it sounds like you’re making excellent progress with decluttering.

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