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I Need to Stop Procrastinating and Start Working

Posted on: May 29, 2008

Earlier today I indulged in a bit of a poor me post about losing sight of my goals and disliking my day job. I spend more time thinking about how much I dislike it and trying to avoid it than I do working. And the truth is, once I get started it’s not all that bad, especially compared to the anxiety and guilt I feel about not working.

So . . . I had a little Come to Jesus Meeting with myself this evening and decided that I need to JUST DO IT, as the famous saying goes. Our family depends on the income, the work itself could be a lot worse, and ultimately all this procrastinating is bad for my state of mind. Neil Fiore says in The Now Habit:

Trying to escape work by procrastinating will only increase your anxiety; only work will diminish [it] . . . the only thing that really helps is to start working.

Well said, so true – for me anyway. And ironically, what I do is write about food . . . I like to write, at least here, and I love to cook and eat and read and talk about food, so I can’t figure out why this is so painful for me.

My goal is to work (a measly) minimum of 10 hours each week. Starting tomorrow I’ll aim for 2 hours a day, even if it means I work for just five minutes at a stretch – no, just kidding! Instead I’ll follow Neil Fiore’s advice and work for 30 minutes at a stretch. And in between 30-minute work sessions I can spend 5 minutes dealing with the basement project.

My blog will be my witness, and you, dear readers are welcome to cheer me on.


5 Responses to "I Need to Stop Procrastinating and Start Working"

I have been working at home and I have exactly the same problem. I dread working on a subconscious level even though it’s really not that bad.

You can do it! Don’t give up! And, I’ll try to do better myself as well.

HI Katie,
One thing I’ve realized is that when you work in an office, you get some natural breaks – the usual interruptions. But when I sit down to write, it’s just me (and the cats).

Thanks for visiting and commenting – and cheerleading!

I have a project that has been hanging over my head for WAY too long and it would take me all of an hour if I could just make myself do it! I just have this mental block about it – plus, I’m totally embarrassed that it isn’t finished yet. When I finish it, it will remind my boss when it SHOULD have been done and that will be even more embarrassing. Yikes! So, here I am wasting more time telling you about it instead of working on it. I’m sick. Need help.

You’re human and help is here! I guess you can’t avoid reminding your boss about how late the project is, but it’s not getting any earlier 🙂

Can you try the old “5 minutes at a time” trick? I’m digging through my horrible basement mess that way.

[…] I faced my anxiety about a couple of things I’ve been avoiding. Keeping Neil Fiore’s wise words in mind, I took care of the anxiety and the tasks – and just got them […]

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