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I Had a Genuine Moment of Serenity

Posted on: June 2, 2008

We finally decided to move QPR’s “studio” (Queen Pack Rat, my lovely daughter) into the spare room and I’m moving into her little space in the kitchen nook. This means I no longer have to step over and through Polly Pocket and her tiny little shoes; contraptions and inventions made with tape, yarn, and paper (the latest was a money machine, but it doesn’t seem to work that well); “special” drawings, FOOD, etc. etc.

My new space is much smaller, so I’m trying to be lean and mean with what I bring into it – which is a challenge but empowering. I’m hoping to be much more organized in my new little nook, and having less stuff is the first step.

I decided that one thing I did need – close at hand – was a small notepad where I could write down post ideas for One Bag Nation. Yesterday, inspiration struck! I sat down at my desk, where the notepad lay waiting for me and my brilliance. I felt so organized, efficient, productive – and YES, serene – I could hardly stand it!

And if you can believe it, that big “MOM’S” label actually gave QPR pause . . . haha!


4 Responses to "I Had a Genuine Moment of Serenity"

I have to tell you that thinking so much about Tiny Living, as you’ve probably seen on my blog, has got me fiending for a smaller home. We just have so much dang stuff!

But even a smaller space of my own, instead of using the dining room table like I am now, would be so zen…

I’ll just live small vicariously!

Amy: It’s funny, and I wouldn’t have predicted it, but I’m really enjoying working in a smaller space. I did the dining room table thing for a while too, because I like the light in there, but my little nook is much cozier and quite bright.

I’ll have to post some photos soon – though I’d like to paint first – the walls look awful!

I agree that a smaller space should not be a problem as long as it is kept orderly and minimal.

I too have an “ideas notebook” – I actually have several including next to my bed and in my car.

Vered, I am really loving my new smaller space, and it’s working well to be set up in the kitchen – kind of encourages me to keep my desk tidy.

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