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Procrastination Fuels Anxiety

Posted on: June 5, 2008

Of course it does!

If there’s something lurking in my To Do pile that makes me want to run, chances are it’s something I’ve been avoiding for a while. If I decide to put if off again, I’ll get momentary relief – phew! – glad I don’t have to deal with that today.

But what happens in the long-run? The next time I see that task needing attention, I’ve added guilt and even more anxiety to the equation; now I really want to run. Maybe the problem has gotten bigger, maybe I’ve missed a deadline – mostly I just feel awful that I’ve let whatever it is go too long.

Today I faced my anxiety about a couple of things I’ve been avoiding. Keeping Neil Fiore’s wise words in mind, I took care of the anxiety and the tasks – and just got them done!

Although it’s very tempting to give in to the instant gratification of putting things off, I know that it erodes my confidence and my self-esteem, and makes me feel like my life is out of control. Procrastination is definitely not the path to serenity . . . .


5 Responses to "Procrastination Fuels Anxiety"

Ah, that HUGE pile of laundry that needs folding while I ignore it and READ BLOGS…

Yes. Guilt. 😉

Exactly . . . though my M.O. with laundry is to ignore the buzzer altogether – then the pile stays out of sight – you should try it sometime. 😉

Laundry? haha! I have my buzzer turned off. Sometimes I end up washing the same load twice because I forgot about it, but it always waits. Like Vered, I would rather be reading blogs. 😆

Oh my gosh, Barbara – I live and die by timers and buzzers – I’m so easily distracted! At least the undone laundry won’t catch on fire . . . I’m infamous for kitchen “incidents”.

[…] One of the things that came out of reading Confessions of an Organized Homemaker was my openness to changing certain habits. I realized that it was necessary to change the way I do some of my chores for two reasons. First, because my method was inefficient, involving more steps than necessary. Second, because by changing the way in which I did my task I eliminated the procrastination factor. […]

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