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My Rocks are in a Row

Posted on: June 20, 2008

A while back I wrote about My Big Rocks, inspired by Stephen Covey in First Things First, and Leo at Zen Habits.

This week I accomplished a huge goal: I got a new job!

I’ve been working at a job for two years that’s been making me miserable, anxious and depressed. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why, then decided I needed to focus more on just making a change. I was in the middle of interviewing life coaches, when a friend sent me a job announcement she thought I’d be interested in – and I got the job!

I’m so thrilled. It’s a wonderful organization that raises money to improve the public schools in our area – a cause near and dear to my heart.

This really kills two rocks with one stone (mixed-up metaphor there); not only did I find a more satisfying and challenging job, but I won’t have to force myself to work anymore – I might even look forward to it! So . . . my third rock is still my decluttering and organizing quest, and while I’ve made decent progress there, there’s plenty more to be done! I hope that this new beginning will give me even more energy for my journey to order, serenity and peace of mind.


8 Responses to "My Rocks are in a Row"

Oh! Awesome news! Congratulations, you must be over the moon. How exciting to be able to look forward to a job you can actually enjoy. Update us on how it goes!

Congrats on the new job. I am SO happy for you!

There’s nothing worse than having to show up every day at a job you don’t enjoy. It’s so great that you got a new job and in an area that’s important to you!

Thanks everyone! I was feeling like my previous job was literally sucking the life out of me . . . this job is not only more interesting, but I’ll be working with interesting and congenial women – I feel very lucky!

Congratulations Ann,

That’s great news on your new job. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for a great cause. With your enthusiasm, you’ll do great.

Thanks Barbara!

Congratulations! And I like the mixed metaphor – it is so appropriate for us out of the box cluttery ADD creative types.


Thanks Biscuitx! I like thinking of myself as a “creative type”!

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