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I’m not Disorganized, I’m Messy!

Posted on: June 26, 2008

I’m looking around my house and realizing that what I see is not really clutter, or the result of being disorganized; what I see is a messy house! The kind of clutter I’m seeing is not the kind of clutter you need to purge, it’s the kind of clutter you need to put away properly.

Although it drives me nuts when the house is upside down, I realize how much I contribute to the mess without even realizing it. Here is the evidence staring me in the face:

  • the dining room table is not cleaned off (remember the paycheck?); nor are the chairs pushed in
  • there is one basket of clean laundry upstairs and another downstairs, needing to be put away
  • my bag from a weekend away is still sitting – only partially unpacked – on my bedroom floor
  • my various coats and jackets are draped over chairs or hung on doorknobs – they’re anywhere but in the closet

I have walked by all of this many, many times over the last few days, and it’s like I don’t even see it. These are the times I feel like I’m suffering from ADD. I can’t seem to focus, but end up going from one thing to another, all day long, without any real results.

So, I will get up from the computer now and clean off the table; put away the laundry; unpack and store my bag; and hang up my coats! And I’ll try hard to be more mindful of this habit of “not seeing” from now on.


3 Responses to "I’m not Disorganized, I’m Messy!"

Hi Ann,

That’s what I call an “organized mess”, similar to my desk. I know where everything is, but no one else could find it.

Sounds like you have a jacket/coat fetish too. I have WAY too many.

Hi Barbara,
I do have a lot of coats and jackets! This year we went from winter to summer, no spring . . . I was wearing my heavy raincoat in June!

The very fact that you are noticing it; that it bothers you; and that you know what needs to be done – that’s an important first step!

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