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Is This Really Me?

Posted on: July 10, 2008

I was looking around my house this morning and realizing how far I’ve come in terms of decluttering, organizing and keeping rooms tidy – so much so that I’m feeling almost giddy and, I must say, very proud of myself. I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders, like I’m literally lighter as I move through the house. The best part is, I can enjoy my hobbies, my family – even occasional mindless TV – so much more, knowing that I don’t have endless lists of things to be done. I have never lived like this before.

And I was wondering, why now? Where did I suddenly find the motivation, the discipline, the energy?

When I checked in with my favorite blogs, I got some of the answer. Barbara at Blogging Without a Blog had a post entitled “Why Didn’t You Say Goodbye”, which talked about the disappearance of blogs and bloggers with no explanation to their readers – a phenomenon that is oddly upsetting.

A lot of the discussion in the comments was about how time-consuming, even addictive, blogging can be, leaving less time and energy for other important projects and interests, not to mention family and friends. I’ve certainly felt that at times.

But as I was reading, I realized that my blog is a huge part of my success with getting my (literal and figurative) house in order. I feel motivated by the prospect of posting about my progress, and I guess in some way I feel a responsibility to my readers to follow through. I also think that having my very own, very personal creative outlet was energizing and empowering . . . especially at a time when I was so miserable with my paid work.

My journey is far from over (remember that awful basement?) but I hope with all my heart that along the way I’ve inspired or supported someone else in their struggle to create order, serenity and peace of mind . . . and that I’ll continue to do so as my quest continues!


6 Responses to "Is This Really Me?"

Hi Ann,

What an insightful post. I think you may had hit one of many nails on the head, re: what blogging can do for a person. Much like those on diets who attend weekly meetings for support and encouragement, a blog has a tendency to hold us accountable for our actions. Loyal readers follow us, and knowing that makes us want to show them we’re credible.

Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished thus far.

Thank you for the link love. I truly appreciate it!

I’m proud of you too!

I think it’s just wonderful that your blog inspires you to make real-life changes that make you happy.

Hi Barbara & Vered: I’ve also had success losing weight with online support. I think my blog has been kind of an interactive journal. I know journals work well for making change but I’ve never been able to keep up with one.
You have both helped me stay on track, by the way – thank you!

Hi Ann: I know what you mean, I feel that my blog is helping me as well, as a creative outlet and as a source of inspiration to bring more order into my life. It sounds like your house is looking great!

Interesting comment that blogging for you is extremely helpful given your dissatisfaction with your paid job. Hello! My life!!! I was dreading coming to work, but once I started blogging, and fulfilling that creative side of me, all of a sudden work became much easier to take. And what the Lion and I really want to do is work towards an e-business of some kind, which will allow us to work part time only at our ‘regular’ jobs, or even quit altogether. Motivates me to work on the blogging! A much nicer circle than the vicious one I was in.

Re: blogging makes you accountable. Interesting. I certainly find that blogging causes me to examine my life even more honestly than I was in the past.

@Marelisa: I think the creative aspect is very important for me, even more than I realized. And yes, my house is looking pretty good!

@Panther: I’m glad that blogging is easing your frustration at work. I was lucky enough to find a new job recently that suits me, and I’m so grateful!

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