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Check it Out – I’m Swimming with the Sharks!

Posted on: July 16, 2008

Today Dustin Wax at Lifehack included One Bag Nation in a list of 50 unknown productivity blogs worth exploring. WOW. I’m incredibly flattered, and a bit intimidated . . . I didn’t think I’d see my little blog in a list that also includes the legendary Zen Habits, 43 Folders, and Lifehacker! WOW again – this is fun!

I’m very much looking forward to reading some of the other blogs on the list; I’ve peeked at a few of them, but there are several that I’m not familiar with.

So . . . I think I’ll treat myself to a little bit of chocolate before I carry on with my day – WOW!!


19 Responses to "Check it Out – I’m Swimming with the Sharks!"

Yes, you are right, it’s exciting to visit other bloggers, like I’m doing it right now. Your blog looks great, congratulations!

This is great Ann! You do tell the productivity saga from an interesting view point.

Congratulations, that’s pretty awesome. 😀

Congratulations!!! You should totally celebrate. I agree with Marelisa: I love your personal angel. I think champagne is in order… it goes so well with chocolate. Oh, and throw in some strawberries too. 🙂

Hey! Congratulations. Do pass some chocolates over too! It’s always nice to celebrate!


Congrats, Ann! Was it even better b/c it was a surprise?!

Found you from BWAB about a month ago now. Always look forward to reading your posts.

@sikantis: I’m glad you like the blog. In a little bit I’m going to settle in and start exploring the other blogs on the list.

@Marelisa: thank you for the nice comment about my point of view! I have tried to do a couple of more “traditional” productivity posts, but it just doesn’t suit me. I’m glad to know my style has a place.

@Amy: thank you!

@Vered: I do have some incredible local strawberries on hand, but no champagne, darn! Maybe over the weekend . . .

@Linda: I think astonished would be the right word! I do usually comment on Dustin’s posts, but I had no idea I was on his radar screen . . . and I’m so glad you like the blog!

A little chocolate? A lot of chocolate! Well done you!!! That’s great. And I love your blog, and have since I discovered it. I’m glad more people are going to be able to discover it now.

Hey congrats!!! Chocolate, wine, more chocolate, more wine, yet more chocolate….

@Evelyn: thank you!
@Panther: I might have to squeeze in some coffee at some point . .
@Kelly; thank you – and thanks for your help and support!
@Jackie: thanks, and thanks for the link. I’ll be back to your site soon!

That’s awesome, congrats! I certainly enjoy reading your blog very much, in conjunction with others. I actually tend to get a lot more motivation from reading quite personal blogs where i can watch someone else go through the same struggles, and hear the instances that have led to their discoveries, etc. Bigger blogs with articles and things are great too, but i love reading about someone else’s triumphs! 😀

Thank you, Camilla. I didn’t feel very triumphant today; it felt more like a giant step backward! But tomorrow is another day, as they say . . .

Lol, it helps me to watch others take steps backwards too (i feel like i should laugh evilly now). 😛 But only because it makes me feel less alone when i’m surrounded by pruck and can’t be bothered to do anything about it! 😀 Here’s to tomorrow’s triumphs.

Wow Ann,

THAT is something to be very proud of. Congratulations! Do you feel the bar was just raised? Don’t worry, you’ll do great!

@Barbara: I don’t exactly feel like the bar is raised. Maybe I was experiencing the “impostor syndrome” a little bit, since I was going thru a rough patch and feeling completely disorganized!

I found your blog via the Lifehack list. I was already reading many of the blogs on the list but yours was news to me. I love your writing style. You remind me so much of myself in the way our minds work and the struggles we face. Except you have made much progress where I have not – yet! I find your posts inspirational – if you can do it, so can I.

I’ve read all your posts and subscribed with my feed reader. I look forward to reading more. By the way I love the “Lost and Found” idea. And the term you used “Personal Serenity Project.” Keep up the good work.

Hi Carmelita: first, what a beautiful name – some friends of mine have a lovely restaurant named Carmelita!

It means the world to me that my blog is inspiring you. I felt like there was a place for a voice that doesn’t have all the answers (yet! haha) and would feel more supportive than hearing from folks who have it all figured out already.

Thank you so much – look forward to having you along!

Hi Ann. Thank you for the lovely compliment on my name.

In fact now I am intrigued. Something I read in one of your posts made me wonder if you might be in the Seattle area. Now I’m REALLY wondering because I live in North Seattle and there is a restaurant named Carmelita just a couple miles from my home. It caught my attention when it first opened 11 years ago but several things kept us from dining there (line out the door, rain, parking, etc.). We finally made it for our first visit on my birthday a couple months ago.

If that is the restaurant owned by your friends, that’s awesome! We really enjoyed it. In fact I wrote a post about it on my blog here:

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