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Thwarted. . .

Posted on: July 22, 2008

I was working merrily along today, feeling great that I would easily complete the three remaining tasks on my Most Important Things list. In fact, I planned to get ahead of the game, and not just package up my brother’s gift, but actually mail it – in time for his birthday!

But no, it was not to be . . .

After what must have been an hour trying to use Click-n-Ship for the mailing label, I ultimately got the following error message:

“We have experienced an unexpected condition”

What?? My condition was completely expected: I was ready to scream!!

Instead, I took some deep breaths and tried one or two more times, then I finally gave up and and just put on the usual handwritten label. Tomorrow I’ll take the box and stand in line at the post office – there are certainly worse fates! – but when the promise of efficiency through technology lets us down, it’s so maddening!

On a happier note, I get to start tomorrow fresh, with six new Most Important Things for the day, and high hopes of getting them all done!

PS Tonight I realized that I had put a book into the package that I wanted to finish before I sent it on . . .good thing I couldn’t get the box mailed or I would never know how the story ended!


7 Responses to "Thwarted. . ."

Hi Ann,

I love when those unexpected “things” happen and we later realize it was a good thing they did. Now you don’t have to mail the book separately….another money saver, too.

I too find it maddening when the promise of technology bliss fails. I can’t get a stumble or a digg button on my blog and it’s driving me insane. I also lost my password to Commission Junction and can’t access my account. Ugh! Now I have those three items pending on my to do list.

“when the promise of efficiency through technology lets us down, it’s so maddening!”
It IS, and it happens too often!

Don’t you just love time saving technology that isn’t? Yesterday I wanted to order cheques. Here is how it went
* work through automated selection system
* punch in info to automatically order cheques
* have automated voiced tell me my cheques cannot be ordered this way
* talk to live person, to find out they won’t accept a change of address
* phone bank and work through automated selection system
* decide I need a live person
* live person tells me I should have phoned her in the first place
* rant at the Lion about how inefficient entire process was *smile*

I always find it useful not to put trivial items on my todo lists. If I’m at work, I’m going to clear my email inbox – I consider that a habit rather than a todo. I realize you might be using shorthand and email might mean more than that :).

What exactly did you do to Lisa? The fact that she’s crossed off is a bit unnerving!

@Vered: you know, it happened again today with another task, but I soldiered on and felt so productive in the end!
@Panther: I feel your pain (see above to Vered); it’s hard to remain polite in those situations, isn’t it, even tho you know the person on the phone is not to blame!
@Green: haha! no worries, Lisa is safe! I had to send her something. . .and email *was* shorthand; I needed to set up an email account at my new job. Someday I’ll clear my email box daily . . .

Thank goodness Lisa is safe! 🙂 It’s funny reading other peoples shorthand sometimes…

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