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The Dilemma of the Left-Handed Gloves

Posted on: July 27, 2008

I always wear dish gloves when I wash the dishes. Invariably, the right one – and it’s always the right – gets a hole or a tear and fills with water while I’m working.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the gloves.

So here’s what happens once I’ve tossed the torn glove: I can’t bring myself to throw the other one away! I know this would probably make many tidy, clutter-free people nuts, but I feel compelled to keep the left because . . . what if, someday, I tear a left-handed glove?? Wouldn’t it be so satisfying to have a spare?

It’s a “waste not, want not” kind of thing that I got from my New Englander dad. He would never have thrown that glove out; he’d probably find some clever use for it in his workshop or out in the garden.

I haven’t gone that far, but I do, at this very moment, have one lonely lefty sitting in my cupboard, just waiting and hoping for the day when it can come to the rescue!

I figure that in the scheme of things, a couple of dishgloves won’t get in the way of my quest for order, serenity and peace of mind . . . what about you? Do you indulge in any similar quirks?


12 Responses to "The Dilemma of the Left-Handed Gloves"

That was a funny post!

I throw them both out. 🙂

I don’t think I have any similar quirks! I’m definitely a thrower. If anything, sometimes I’m too quick to toss stuff out.

Hi Vered: looks like we’re both up late blogging tonight! My daughter had a bit of a meltdown and couldn’t get to sleep, so I got a late start . . .as usual my post was inspired by my life; I had to throw out a glove tonight 🙂

Hi Ann,

This is funny! I used to keep “the other one”, but now throw them both out. I ended up with too many of those “maybe someday” items.

Sometimes I keep pantyhose that rip at the thigh in case I want to wear them with pants. Does that count?

I am a total thrower-outer. The Urbane Lion is a total Just In Case keeper. Drives me nuts. So much so, you are my muse this week’s Tuesday’s post, and I will be referencing this article. Thanks for the inspiration *smile*

Hi Barbara: maybe I could promise that this will be the last one I save!

HI Marelisa: the pantyhose definitely counts – love it! Makes me feel better. . .

Hi Panther: that must be tough. My daughter is a horrible packrat, much worse than I am, and it’s terrible!!

Couldn’t you just turn the spare left hand glove inside out for when you tear your next right hand glove? Then when that tears, the lefty becomes your next spare glove.

@Wynd: THANK YOU! why didn’t I think of that? Seriously you made my day. Now I have a true purpose for that lefty (soon to be righty) in the cupboard.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

How about taping the torn glove with duct tape? LOL! (I’m j/k…really I am!)

I throw away both pairs and go buy more gloves…

Ribeezie: my dad was infamous for trying to fix things with shoelaces, and no doubt he would have tried duct tape on the gloves!

You could try patching the gloves with innertube patching either the self adhesive kind or the kind with the cement. I’m a transplanted New Englander 😛

Figuring out what to pitch and what to keep “because I can use that someday” has been a major challenge of my adult life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finally decided to get rid of something only to need it two weeks later, but if I keep everything I’ll be buried!

[…] decluttering Today my left-handed dish glove sprung a leak; now aren’t you all glad I saved that left-handed glove the other night?? […]

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