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Wordless Wednesday: The Landscape of my Life

Posted on: July 29, 2008


14 Responses to "Wordless Wednesday: The Landscape of my Life"

What an AWESOME wordless Wednesday, Ann!

Yup, this pretty much captures it. 🙂


Hi Ann,

Is this your first “Wordless Wednesday”?

My first thought was, “oh boy, that would hurt if you stepped on any of those toys barefoot”.

Umm yeah. Multiplied by 10,000 and that’s my house. And why did I think it would be a good idea to buy my son a bucket of 50 marbles?

Brilliant!! And when they are teenagers, the picture will change to show socks, dirty plates, and video game controllers.

That’s very different from the floor at my sister’s house. She has two little boys and the floor is always covered with toy trucks, balls, and race cars.

@Vered: genius! I like the sound of that . . .
@Barbara: yes, my first WW. I saw WW on Vered’s blog and thought it was something she had created for MomGrind, but then realized others were doing it too, so I thought I’d jump in!
@Kelly: this is just a small sampling of how many Polly P’s we have!
@Panther: yeah, and wet towels! something to look forward to.
@Marelisa: the gender stuff is fascinating. My girl has always loved dolls, never trucks and cars.

All moms are rock stars for having to consistently pick up toys from the floor again and again and again. I learned about WW from momgrind too and will be introducing it on next week.

@createabalance: I’d feel even more like a rock star if I could get her to pick them up herself – cheerfully!

Urban Panther’s comment made me laugh! We’re not that messy growing up are we?

Great job on your first wordless Wednesday! When I was a kid, I made a mess with pogs & slammers. Remember those? I even went to a tournament at Knotts Berry Farm…that was cool 😛

@RB: I’d forgotten about pogs! I don’t even know what slammers are . .

LoL! Well, they’re the things you use to flip the pogs over; they’re plastic and/or aluminum. Heck, I think I still have my collection somewhere around here…

LOL add some Thomas engines to the Polly Pocket stuff and you’re at my house…

Boy can I relate to this photograph. Random plastic objects are constantly threatening to overtake my life. I’m starting to think they creep around at night, moving steadily towards the kitchen where I keep finding them hiding between the sugar bowl and the butter dish.

@Jeanne: if you could only see the whole collection!

@Betsy: and they’re multiplying . . . .

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