One Bag Nation

It Finally Happened!

Posted on: August 2, 2008

Today my left-handed dish glove sprung a leak; now aren’t you all glad I saved that left-handed glove the other night??


11 Responses to "It Finally Happened!"


OK, so you proved me WRONG, so what.


Did it happen after you stabbed it several times with a sharp knife? :~P

Glad you found a use for that spare! 😀

LOL! You’re too much!!!….

HI Ann,

Are you trying to say, “I told you so”? Okay, I was wrong. Does that mean I have to start saving mine again too? 😆

@Jen: thank you, I did feel quite pleased with myself!

@Vered: but you’re right about so many other things!!

@Camilla: honestly, it almost looked melted – weird.

@Ribeezie: thank you, I think!

@Barbara: nope, no “I told you so” . . . I just got a good giggle out of it! (you can send me your gloves)

I meant it as a compliment…I mean, you made me laugh 😛 I mean, I would have kept the glove just the same as you….

@Ribeezie: it’s so green of us, no?

@Ann: I see you get excited about small things, like me 🙂

Oh no! The Urbane Lion is going to feel so justified!

@Marelisa: I was so surprised, especially right after posting about it and yes, I was tickled too!

@Panther: You don’t have to tell him 🙂 I won’t.

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