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Decluttering & The Landfill

Posted on: August 4, 2008

I had a revelation recently. All the stuff I’ve been putting down in the basement – to avoid sending it to the landfill – will end up in the landfill anyway. What in the world did I think would happen to it?

I recycle, donate or consign a lot of things, but I’ve started tossing out items thatare broken, don’t work anymore, or are just too worn out to be useful to anyone. I still feel a pang of anxiety about the effect on the environment, but it feels so good to have the stuff out of my house and out of my life.

And now I won’t be digging through piles of broken appliances and worn-out shoes in my old age . . .


9 Responses to "Decluttering & The Landfill"

“And now I won’t be digging through piles of broken appliances and worn-out shoes in my old age”

And your daughter will thank you too!


@Vered: exactly right! not to mention future owners of the house. We inherited some junk when we bought the house; there’s still a giant freezer down there!

Hi Ann,

Yes, unfortunately most everything ens up in our landfills. All the more reason to think before we buy, and do our part to save the planet.

Barbara: “Think before we buy” – I like that! It’s hard to resist temptation sometimes, but I’m working on it.

Put the broken appliances on ebay. You’d be surprised… I sold a broken cellphone for 50 bucks once. Sometimes people want things for art projects, or have the ability to fix them. As for broken fridges, etc, there are used appliance shops that specialize in fixing broken things and reselling them.

If all else fails, unfortunately, there’s little choice but to throw them in the trash.

I personally believe there is only so much you can do. Eventually some of it has to be dumped. Like you said, it will end up there eventually when the fateful day comes that your estate has to deal with it. You might as well enjoy your space instead! *smile*

@Nimic: have you had any luck on Craig’s List?

@Panther: I will definitely enjoy the space!

I will be starting my own cleanup project soon. You have inspired me. The junk has got to be out of the house before winter. Thanks for sharing – Nards

Hi Nards: thanks for visiting and commenting. I’m glad I inspired you! I have plenty of work left to do around here myself – good luck with your clean-up!

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