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Wordless Wednesday: Chaos? What Chaos??

Posted on: August 5, 2008

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9 Responses to "Wordless Wednesday: Chaos? What Chaos??"

My apartment looked like that last week but I put all of my magazines into neat piles and I’m now going through them, tearing things I want to keep and throwing out the rest. It actually gives me a sense of empowerment to declutter my magazines.

Oh, sweets, you are way way WAY too hard on yourself.


@Marelisa: magazines are so seductive, aren’t they? I’ve cut back on subscriptions, but I still have a few favorites. They’re so relaxing . . . until they begin to pile up next to the bed!

@Vered: don’t worry, it’s a tongue-in-cheek post and my sense of humor is intact. My husband thought it was very funny that my book about getting organized was in the center of a pile of stuff on the floor 🙂

Hahaha, Love the “Eliminate Chaos” book in the center. I always like noticing things like that in pictures. Like the “Yor Dog is gooD” note. 🙂

LOL..well, you know, you have baskets and bins. That’s a start!!! I am ruthless with magazines. I read them cover to cover as soon as I get them, rip out the pages I want to keep, and out they go. When the Lion gets a home reno magazine, he waves it in front of my face and sternly says “You may NOT throw this out!” Too funny!

Marelisa- I’m so with you! I just today decided to tear out and recycle instead of keeping years worth of gorgeous Martha Stewart Livings, Sunsets & Coastal Livings. I’m putting the recipes in one binder and then all the crafty/home stuff in another. Might take me a while to get through all the ones I’ve saved, but that’s my goal.

@Hyrcan: glad you noticed the book – that was kind of the point!

@Panther: yes, lots of bins, many of them overflowing – sigh.

@Gidget: I finally made some recipe binders and I love them!

I definitely agree with veredd that you’re too hard on yourself! That pile would be considered spick and span in my house haha. But I didn’t notice that organizing book you mentioned in an above comment – ironic! 🙂

Alex: it was kind of a “tongue in cheek” post, but I guess the book title wasn’t obvious enough. And the pile is cleaned up now!

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