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Post-Vacation Blues

Posted on: August 28, 2008

I should probably start with coffee.

We got in late last night and were on east coast time, so getting to bed was the top priority. My superman husband went off to work this morning as usual; I dragged myself out of bed to the grocery store so that the cupboard wouldn’t be totally bare. I had a momentary panic when I couldn’t find the coffee filter holder; my niece was housesitting and she puts things in the strangest places . . .

The skies are gray, and it’s very cool and sprinkly outside – decidedly un-summery – but my daughter is still asleep so it’s kind of peaceful in the house – if you can ignore the unpacked bags and the mountain of mail.

Despite my post about losing my internet cravings while on vacation, I find myself at the computer this morning. I have a good excuse: I needed to check on an email about a playdate today. But honestly, who wouldn’t rather read blogs than unpack, do laundry and vacuum??

I’m very susceptible to feeling depressed and paralyzed after we get back from this annual trip. It’s hard to say goodbye to family and friends we don’t see very often, and I’m sad to see the summer end. Add a dose of jet lag and a cranky 6-year-old (or 6-11/12ths as she would say) and you have the recipe for a tough day.

I’m sure I’ll get into gear after the coffee kicks in. Meanwhile, it seems okay to ease back into reality with a little self-indulgence: my trusty laptop, my RSS feeds and a strong cup of hot coffee – what could be better?


3 Responses to "Post-Vacation Blues"

It’s always hard to come back from a great vacation.

I’m sure you’re feeling better already. 🙂

Hi Vered, I tackled the icky food in the fridge and gave it a wipe, and that really cheered me up. Now we’re headed to a school picnic which will be fun and keep us going!

Welcome back Ann,

What could be better than your laptop, rss, and coffee? Not much.

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