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The Other One Bag

Posted on: September 8, 2008

Last spring I learned about, a website devoted to “The Art and Science of Travelling Light”. Jennifer Hofmann at Inspired Home Office told me about it because the name was so close to the name of my then brand-new blog. Jennifer had heard about it on NPR, then the site was featured on unclutterer.

By coincidence, I was leaving for a five-day trip across the country, and decided I had to try out onebag’s bundling method of packing.

It’s a funny thing about me, given that I struggle with clutter and such, but I am an awesome packer. I can pack a car, a bag of groceries, a picnic basket, and – I thought – a suitcase, like nobody’s business. But I have been humbled by this brilliant packing method: it rocks!

When it came time for our vacation this year, we were determined to pack light, which meant my daughter (MG) and I would be sharing one bag. Below are photos of the bundles as I was putting them together, and of the finished bundles. Once you have the clothes assembled and have chosen your “core object”, the actual bundling takes no time at all.

Packing your clothing this way leaves lots of room for the other miscellaneous stuff we all need, especially when travelling with children. And it makes unpacking unbelievably easy; you just lift the bundles out of your bag.

If you visit the site, be sure to scroll down the “How to Pack It” page for a very nice diagram of how to bundle properly . . . your bags will be the envy of x-ray luggage screeners around the globe and you might even look forward to packing for your next trip!


7 Responses to "The Other One Bag"

Hey – look at you all bundling your clothes!

I gave this packing technique a whirl the last time I traveled and I couldn’t believe how much space I had left over. I packed 5 days of clothes in a backpack – with room for toiletries, snack, and my teddy bear.

Thanks so much for the mention! 🙂 Have an awesome trip!

– Jen

I’m getting better… but I still tend to pack WAY TOO MUCH.

@Jennifer The mention is my pleasure! I’ve actually taken my trip already and the onebag method was awesome.

@Vered I feel like I did a great job this last trip, at least with my stuff. My daughter on the other hand . . .

HI Ann,

I’ve never heard of making bundles (which is a great idea), but I have considered using the space bags.

Barbara, I’ve never tried those either, and I’ve heard mixed reviews. Give the bundling a try – it’s so easy and nothing to buy!

Thanks for this new resource.

I dread packing for a trip b/c of all the decisions and then trying to whittle it down to a reasonable amount of clothing. 🙂 I’m getting better, but still it’s a chore, not something fun to do. At least my husband and son pack themselves — never wanted to become the Master Packer for the whole family so never let that happen!

Hi Linda: I haven’t read one bag’s packing lists closely, but I did limit myself on clothing this last time. One thing that makes it easier is that we go to the same place every summer so we know what to expect.

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