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I’ve Been Unfaithful

Posted on: September 10, 2008

Yesterday, while I was at the drugstore considering my various options for improving my aging skin, I found this bag. It was so inexpensive, very attractive, and it looked like it needed a good home. I love my original One Bag, but it’s not perfect. So, despite my feelings of guilt about an impulse buy (and my recent smugness about people who have too many bags) I thought I’d give this bag a try.

What I like about the bag is the light-colored lining, which makes seeing what’s in it easier. I also liked the horizontal shape and the shorter handles – or so I thought.

I carried it for a bit yesterday and then took it to the gym today, but it didn’t pass the One Bag test. The handles turned out to be just a bit too short, and the lining is flimsy (you get what you pay for). But the real kiss of death is that the bag won’t stand up on its own – which is my A #1 Pet Peeve with tote bags. I can’t stand floppy!

So I have repacked my trusty Dickies tote, and it’s back to One Bag Business as usual. The other bag will move on now – I guess it was just a meaningless fling.


5 Responses to "I’ve Been Unfaithful"

Does the perfect bag exist, I wonder? Women have been looking for it for so long that you’d think somebody would have designed it by now, wouldn’t you? 😉

Hi Sharon: I’ve found that my “perfect bag” has changed over the years, depending on what was going on in my life. Now I sometimes have to haul a laptop around, which adds a whole new dimension (literally)!

I have a design I’ve been playing around with (one version for stay-home moms and one for career women, but I have no idea how to get a prototype made.

I’m also disappointed when I find the right size bag only to find that it is “floppy”. So many colors and designs…. but if it can’t stand up on it’s own, how will it stand up to me and my stuff?
The search continues.

I looked for several months to find my perfect bag.

The title of this post made me laugh. I’m so glad you’re still with the trusty tote.

@krissy: good luck with your search!

@smallnotebook: Hi Rachel, I’m dying to know what your perfect bag looks like! Would you ever consider posting it on your blog?

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