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It Really IS Time for a Change

Posted on: September 14, 2008

You probably thought I was going to go all political on you . . . but no, it’s just time for a theme change here at One Bag Nation.

No particular reason, I was just in the mood for something new. As I’ve gone through older posts, I’ve noticed that the photos aren’t always formatted as well as they were with my old Rounder theme; my apologies to those who are seeing those posts for the first time.

I also wanted to announce that I plan to post at One Bag Nation just twice a week for a while, probably on Tuesdays and Thursdays-with an occasional Wordless Wednesday when I get inspired. My new job and my new blog (Vintage Mommy), along with school and other family commitments are keeping me very busy, and the first step on the journey to order, serenity and peace of mind is knowing when to say enough!

Thanks everyone!


3 Responses to "It Really IS Time for a Change"

Hi Ann,

I love your new home. Have no fear, I have you in my reader so I’ll catch your updates.

Enjoy your journey at Vintage Mommy. That’s my next stop. 🙂

Eep! This will take some getting used to. Very much like the sense of space that the white gives, though. 🙂

Knowing when to say enough does indeed sound like a good thing – keeping the quality and not blogging in a rush just for the sake of it. For that goal, i can definitely cope with a little less. I’ll probably check every day just in case though, i enjoy my daily blog-check around the intahrwebs, it’s like a little bit of christmas every morning – never know what you’re going to get! :~P

@Barbara: I’m glad you like the new look! Thanks for supporting VM.

@Camilla: with dark, dreary weather just around the corner, I think this theme will provide much-needed light!

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