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Why My Basement is the Key to My Happiness

Posted on: September 18, 2008

No, I don’t have a magic wand or a pot of gold down there, though I suppose either one could be lurking among the piles . . .

A clean, organized habitable basement would give us some much-needed breathing room in our home. My daughter – who may well be a creative genius as Vered suggested 🙂 – needs a LOT of space for her many horribly messy clever projects; I would like some space for scrapbooking and other crafty pursuits; and my poor husband just wants to claim some small corner of the house as his own.

We have plenty of room for all this and more. We don’t have extra money to spend on home improvement projects right now, but cleaning up the basement is free – and we might even make a little cash from selling things on craigslist. In the spring I made quite a bit of progress with cleaning and organizing down there, but mostly just in my infamous “holiday room” – and I swear that WILL BE FINISHED before Halloween!

I seem to have lost my stride over the summer, but I really have to find the motivation to push through my resistance, get back at it, and keep at it, until the job is done.

How about you? Do you have a project you need to tackle that would make a significant difference in your quality of life? If so, maybe we can inspire one another!


9 Responses to "Why My Basement is the Key to My Happiness"

I can keep you accountable. I can nag and nag until you CLEAN UP THAT BASEMENT!


Is your goal still 5 minutes each day?

Oh, and thank you for the link!

Right now, the seemingly overwhelming task of moving all my stuff into the Lion’s, which is occuring this weekend. And THEN putting it all away. I think once that is done, I will regain some sense of control. Sigh. THEN I’ll tackle the basement *smile*

@Vered yes, just 5 minutes!The weather has turned cold and gray so it will be easier to get myself down there now. Please nag away!

@Panther Good luck with the move! That’s a big deal in more ways than one. The basement can wait.

I wanted to start a website all about Panama (laws, tourist attractions, investment opportunities) and I collected tons and tons of information. Right now it’s all sitting in two huge boxes basically laughing at me. I guess deciding what to do with all that information is my “basement”.

@Marelisa: you’re such a thorough blogger, I can well imagine how much stuff you collected! Are you still thinking about the website? It sounds really interesting.

Hi Ann,

I lost count of projects I want to get done. I’m one who gets sidetracked easily, so often I have a bunch of things half done. I blame it on time, but often I think it’s just that I lose interest.

Hi Barbara, It’s very hard to stick with the basement project for me; it’s tedious and dirty and generally no fun! I’m trying to stay focused on the result. I got a bit done yesterday – just in case Vered checked up on me LOL!

We have a storage room in the basement of our apartment block. It’s 100 sq ft, and when we moved in 2 and a half months ago we promised we would try to keep it as empty and clean as possible. Our apartment now looks great, still missing a few things, but great. Our storage room… You can’t even go in there, it’s so full of things.
We’re getting ugly metal shelves and big plastic boxes someday soon… yes, we are… and we’re not dumping them on top of the crap pile… no, really, we’ll use them… yes we will…

Gracia: I would strongly suggest that you sort (and purge if possible!) before buying anything. Then you can purchase exactly what you need to store what you end up keeping. Good Luck and thanks for visiting and commenting today.

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