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A Day Without Procrastination Is Like A Day Without . . .

Posted on: October 6, 2008

Stress or Anxiety!

Funny how “just doing it” – whatever “it” is – makes for a much better day. Today I got up early and powered through a bunch of to-do’s before my girl was even up. Once I got her to school, I gave myself 30 minutes of online time, and then I got to work (at my paying job). I took a 30-minute break to make lunch, throw in some laundry, do a couple of 5-minute Room Rescues, a “swish and swipe” in the bathroom, and make a pot of tea for my afternoon work session. I left a bit early to pick up my daughter so I could do a couple of errands on the way, and now here I am, Backyardigans and snoring cat in the background with a few quiet moments to blog. Looking forward to heading downstairs soon for a well-deserved glass of wine . . .ahhhh.


8 Responses to "A Day Without Procrastination Is Like A Day Without . . ."

There’s nothing like zapping away at those items on the to-do list to give one a sense of accomplishment 🙂 You deserve that glass of wine, go enjoy it.

Hi Ann – Those breaks are great, aren’t they? I’m getting ready to take one myself – for five days. Like you said, …ahhhh 🙂

I have totally been on a roll myself for over a week! And the bonus is I am getting more accomplished and getting more me time. Who knew? Oh yes, and more time to enjoy that much deserved glass of wine. It actually feels great being productive.

@Marelisa: I did indeed enjoy it!

@Barbara: A five day break sounds like heaven! But we’ll miss you . . .

@Panther: My stress level is way, way down, despite the fact that I have just as much to do. Glad you’re feeling productive too!

Sounds like an entirely awesome day! I have a welcome day off work tomorrow, and i’ve already started with the list-making and email replying tonight, so it seems i’ll be on the same track. Yay! 😀

My word, you get more done in a 30 minute lunch break than, uh, well, insert a very apt analogy here! I love days like that. The few that I can think of.

@Camilla: it really felt good and made me hopeful that more of my days could be thus . . .

@Jen: haha! I was kind of a whirling dervish, wasn’t I? I find that it helps me in more ways than one to zip around the house for a few minutes; must be endorphines or something!

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