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Procrastinating on Things we WANT to Do??

Posted on: October 14, 2008

I’ve had this habit for a long time. I realized, back in my “career” days, that I would put off projects and tasks that I enjoyed doing, thinking I should do the most unpleasant things on my list first – eat the frog and all that.

What invariably happens is that the project I was looking forward to gets pushed so far down the priority list that by the time I get to it, I’m rushed for time and stressed – and guess what? I don’t enjoy it anymore.

I felt this coming on last week when I had two birthday presents to wrap for weekend parties. I normally love to wrap – until we’re trying to get out the door. So . . . on Friday morning, when I had time and enthusiasm, I got out the supplies and wrapped those gifts ahead of time. So much better.


5 Responses to "Procrastinating on Things we WANT to Do??"

Totally the opposite for me. I keep finding things I like to do to avoid doing the ones I don’t. It’s only when I’ve run out of fun things, that I finally admit I have to ‘eat the frog’ <– eat the frog?!

Oh yeah! I do this. Or, I put off the fun thing to do the unfun thing first, then I procrastinate on the unfun thing and by the time I do the fun thing, I’m tired and cranky and it’s not fun.

What a winning strategy this is, when you lay it out like that!

Lol. I recognise myself there.

@Panther, yes an unfortunate visual, but it’s the name of a productivity book which of course I haven’t read – yet! LOL

@Jen Yep! it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but there we are!

@Sharon Glad to know I’m not alone!

Ha, me too. Always save the nicest food on the plate until the last part of the meal, to get the distateful parts over with first. :~P You’re right to keep an eye on it, i think i’ve occassionally ended up shoving the good stuff so far back it gets lost, too. Must be more aware from now on.

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