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One Bag Nation on Hiatus

Posted on: October 15, 2008

My husband and I have decided to tackle the basement clean-out once and for all. I’ll have a little time off from work at the end of October, and I’ve committed to delivering the things we want to donate to the appropriate places, putting a few things on Craig’s List and gathering up all the junk that needs to go to the dump.

We can’t do any of this with DD around; she can’t part with anything! We’ve arranged for her to spend the weekend with my niece in early November and we’ll rent a truck and haul away the trash then. With any luck, we’ll have all the work done by Saturday afternoon and we’ll be able to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner and a movie together. That’s a huge treat for us, even if we haven’t tackled an enormous project!

All this to say that in order to ensure I have time to get this done, I’m not going to post here for a bit. You all know how much time blogging can take, and I feel like I just need to give it a rest while I focus on the basement for a few days. And it seems perfectly appropriate to take a break from your blog about decluttering and getting organized so you can actually declutter and get organized!

I’ll keep you posted as I make progress!


9 Responses to "One Bag Nation on Hiatus"

Ooh how exciting – i took a day off work recently to move all my belongings (and bed and desk and shelving, etc) from one room of our house to another, and it was honestly the most fun i’ve had! Lugging around huge mattresses and re-nesting in one day alone, it was frantic and awesome.

I hope you really enjoy the process, we definitely need to see before/after pics! Have fun. :~)

Good luck with the basement Ann! It’s funny that you have to ship your daughter off to a relative’s home so that you can get rid of stuff 🙂 And, like Camilla, I want to see pictures.

Ooo…nice motivation for getting it all done in the night!

Our basement still remains untouched. No, I lie, it is fuller because all my stuff is there now. The Lion says he is going down once a day to bring up stuff for the garbage/give away.

Please provide before and after pics of your basement. It might help motivate the Lion!

@Camilla: isn’t a fresh start invigorating?
@Marelisa: my daughter gives the term “pack rat” a whole new meaning!
@Panther: do I have to show the before pics?? It’s so scary down there . . . but I guess I can make the sacrifice. I’ll definitely take pics of the piles that go into the truck; I’m so looking forward to this!

Hi Ann – It sounds like you’ll get it done and put it behind you. What a relief that will be.

I look forward to hearing about your progress.

@Kelly: Fun isn’t exactly how I would describe it . . .satisfying maybe!

@Barbara: It will be wonderful to be able to plan what we can do with all that space at last! Playroom, workout area, craft area – very exciting!

Can’t wait to see/hear about the results!

Hi Gidget – welcome! Today I was so busy with my paying job I didn’t get downstairs at all. Hoping Wed, Thu & Fri will be much more productive.

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