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The Basement Report: We’re Getting There

Posted on: November 3, 2008

After a very unproductive week in my ongoing basement declutter project, we made some headway this weekend.

My husband took our ancient, broken old computer and the giant monitor to the recycler. For only $10 a piece, they’ll dispose of the toxic elements and recyle the rest – what a great deal!

This week I need to finally finish up the holiday room, and organize whatever odds and ends are left to be donated or consigned.

Next weekend is the big push, where we rent a small truck for a dump run and get rid of the trash. Vintage Girl will be with her auntie, so we hope to spend some time together over a nice meal, planning what to do with all the wonderful space we’ve created.

I promised Marelisa I’d post photos of the piles we haul out, so stay tuned!


2 Responses to "The Basement Report: We’re Getting There"

Hi Ann: Doesn’t it feel great to declutter, recycle, and claim back your space! It’s like you’re in control of your things instead of your things being in control of you. I’ll be looking for those photos 🙂

At first, when I saw the pictures, I was afraid all those had come from your basement!!

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