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Why is Change so Uncomfortable?

Posted on: January 15, 2009

I bought a new Day Runner (binder and pages) for 2009. My old one was smallish, and with my new job the monthly calendar squares were just too cramped and I could hardly read what I had written.

I love my old book. I got it on sale at Filofax several years ago and I’m still attached! But I had to move on. My 2009 pages are in the new book and I have to deal with it.

Why has it been so hard to make the change? In my typical way I shopped and searched and shopped some more and had a terrible time making a decision, but I chose this new book and I like it. The cover is attractive and the squares have the room I need – so what’s the problem?

I can only say that I’m almost physically uncomfortable using this new format and I’m pining for my sweet little red leather Filofax. I know from experience that I just have to hang in there and eventually I’ll be perfectly happy. But in the meantime, I’m a bit cranky!

Have you ever had a similiar experience?


2 Responses to "Why is Change so Uncomfortable?"

Hi Ann: I’ve had a similar experience with purses. I use one purse until it looks like a hobo bag, and then I replace it with a new one. It always takes me awhile to get used to the new purse.

Marelisa: same here! though I hadn’t thought about that. It’s so hard to find just the right purse, isn’t it?

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