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busydesktopMany of us have a lot to do around the holidays. Despite my attempt to plan a more frugal and simple holiday season for my family, I still have long to do lists. I’m not feeling stressed, though. I found a great way to get my tasks done without feeling completely overwhelmed.

The idea was inspired by Marelisa at Abundance Blog, who first introduced me to the concept of “micromovements” a while back, and she wrote about it again recently in a post about productivity. All it means is that you break down projects into very small pieces, and work away, little by little, until the project is finished.

Each day I’ve reviewed my holiday list, and identified something – even just a tiny something – I could accomplish, .

Some examples: one day I took inventory of our holiday cards, and another day I ordered stamps.

One day I pulled out my holiday cooking binder and located all the recipes I’m planning to use; another day I bought canning jars and cello bags.

One day I got out the patterns for the knitting projects I wanted to do; another day I put yarn, needles and patterns together into tote bags so I could easily grab them when I had time to knit.

By committing to do a little something every day I’ve managed to chip away at my list pretty efficiently. I also set aside a couple of days for shopping and errands, and I’ll be doing that again tomorrow, hopefully for the last time this season.

Micromovements have really made a difference for me this year, and if you need help managing everything you’re trying to accomplish right now, give it a try!

If you have other holiday survival tips or tricks, please share!


Stress or Anxiety!

Funny how “just doing it” – whatever “it” is – makes for a much better day. Today I got up early and powered through a bunch of to-do’s before my girl was even up. Once I got her to school, I gave myself 30 minutes of online time, and then I got to work (at my paying job). I took a 30-minute break to make lunch, throw in some laundry, do a couple of 5-minute Room Rescues, a “swish and swipe” in the bathroom, and make a pot of tea for my afternoon work session. I left a bit early to pick up my daughter so I could do a couple of errands on the way, and now here I am, Backyardigans and snoring cat in the background with a few quiet moments to blog. Looking forward to heading downstairs soon for a well-deserved glass of wine . . .ahhhh.

Today Dustin Wax at posted about Productivity Myths that can hold you back.

For example, Myth #4: Productivity Means More Work

I’m with Dustin on this one: to me, the beauty of being truly productive is that you get more time for fun and relaxation, not that you try to cram more work into less time.

While it’s true that I may have the World’s Longest To Do List, if I have a really focused and productive day, I give myself a pat on the back and pick up my knitting, read a book, hang out with family and friends, go to bed early, etc.

I don’t hurry over to my list, eagerly looking for more stuff to do!

What do you think? Is being productive an end in itself for you, or does being productive spur you on to do more? Do you feel that fear of having to do more work stops you from becoming more productive?

Call me a slacker, but this resistance to being productive never occurred to me! And check out the article; it offers some other interesting ideas.