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I bought a new Day Runner (binder and pages) for 2009. My old one was smallish, and with my new job the monthly calendar squares were just too cramped and I could hardly read what I had written.

I love my old book. I got it on sale at Filofax several years ago and I’m still attached! But I had to move on. My 2009 pages are in the new book and I have to deal with it.

Why has it been so hard to make the change? In my typical way I shopped and searched and shopped some more and had a terrible time making a decision, but I chose this new book and I like it. The cover is attractive and the squares have the room I need – so what’s the problem?

I can only say that I’m almost physically uncomfortable using this new format and I’m pining for my sweet little red leather Filofax. I know from experience that I just have to hang in there and eventually I’ll be perfectly happy. But in the meantime, I’m a bit cranky!

Have you ever had a similiar experience?


Inspired by the New Year’s Challenge posed by Leo from, I decided that my only serious New Year’s resolution would be to establish a new habit, and that my habit would be to write (and say aloud) three affirmations daily.

forgetmenotThe problem is, it’s so easy to forget to do it! I decided to type mine out, rather than handwrite them, so I created a document and saved it to my desktop where it would be easy to retrieve. But still I forget . . .

Leo recommends finding a “trigger”, another action that will prompt you to practice your new habit. I don’t like the word trigger; I associate it with trigger foods and that’s not a happy association for me.

Whatever I call it – how about prompt, nudge, poke or ???? – I have to come up with something that will, well, remind me to write my affirmations.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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hitthewallThe last month or so really challenged my ability to keep lots of balls in the air; my little blog was one of the first to drop, and I’ve missed it!

I was feeling so discouraged that I couldn’t even rally to make any New Year’s Resolutions; somehow “get organized” is starting to sound really worn out and meaningless.

Instead I have committed to daily affirmations. I have three, which I write and say 15 times each, every day. My affirmations are big in scope; as I write them I think about the small steps required to fulfill their promise.

Do any of you make affirmations? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

Yesterday Kelly at Almost Frugal posted about the similarities of living with a chronic illness (in her case fybromyalgia) and her efforts to live frugally.

The post resonated with me because I feel the same way about my quest for order and organization. I’ll be going along for a while, feeling pretty good, and then suddenly, the %$&* hits the fan and I’m feeling completely out of control.

Just like with managing an illness, my journey is really about a lifestyle change – perhaps taken one teeny, tiny step at a time – until finally, those little steps add up to something big. This is a major shift for me; I’m much more prone to “all or nothing thinking”, despite the fact that it does’t really work, in any areas of my life!

Perhaps I am learning . . .