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Visible Progress At Last!

Posted on: November 20, 2008

emptybasementHere is a photo of all the glorious space we have cleared in the basement. There’s still more work to be done, but now my husband can begin work on the wall and shelves he’s planning. Next, the lighting, paint and some carpet and we’re in business!

The holiday room is looking much, much better as well; I may even be able to find what I need down there when the holiday crazies begin!


7 Responses to "Visible Progress At Last!"

Oh, I am so envious!!!! In our basement I can’t see the floors, the wall, or the ceiling. Good job!!!

Look at all that space! Good job Ann!

Hi Panther: that’s where we were, and there is still a lot to be done! don’t despair – you can dig out, it just takes time.

Hi Rachel: thanks for the encouragement; I love empty space!

I think it’s exciting to have all that space you can do whatever you want with. How about creating a zen garden in there ? 🙂

Woah, you have so much space cleared! Congratulations on the amount of work you got done. Now the fun stuff starts, eh? It’s going to look awesome once all the aesthetic stuff is sorted. :~D
Oh, and i have to just add that I LOVE your crafts weeks that you came up with, i’m tracking it around all the blogs and really enjoying learning some new stuff. I’m contemplating attempting a few of the projects, although i’m likely to just end up with my jeans sewed to my jumper again. :~P

@Marelisa: I think the zen garden will have to wait until Vintage Girl goes away to college!

@Camilla: glad you’re enjoying the crafty posts. I’m planning to submit a couple of knitting projects next week. Would you like to add a recipe to the food theme week (dec 9)?

Man, i’d love to, and the second you ask i have lots of ideas for fantastic ways of making food into gifts (custom shaped biscuits, christmas tree gummi sweets, clear candy-pane tree decorations!) and it’s all going swimmingly in my head, until i realise i have no idea how to do any of those things myself, let alone instruct others. 😛
I know recipes for some warming winter deserts, but nothing that could be made into gifts unfortunately. Sorry, i’d have loved to help out! I’ll very much enjoy reading what others have to contribute though. 🙂

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